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    Cordyceps sinensis can eat the increase in those who do not drink you drunk?

    Liquor is culture, is art, water-shaped, and Fire.

    Liquor containing acid, esters, aldehydes, alcohols and other chemical components of the mixed drinks, of which the main component of ethanol (alcohol) without going through the digestive system can be directly gastrointestinal absorption. After drinking a few minutes, blood alcohol was first taken to the liver, liver filters, to reach the heart, lung and then, from the lung returned to the heart, and then through the vein to the aorta, and then reach the brain and the nerve center of high-level, and anesthesia In turn stimulate nerve cells to human physiology and psychology have a wonderful effect.

    Excessive drinking, will hurt the liver, stomach into trouble. However, everything has its two sides, the wine can be closed on weekdays Cuifa people with imagination and creativity, so poets, artists, and wine in particular is always coming. In fact, wine is a narcotic logical thinking cells, making the image of unfettered thinking cells, the active excited. So we meet, make friends, entertained, happy and so on, ultimately, help to please wine. However, in the brain to bring exciting, it ignores the harm to the liver.

    The liver is the body of a huge "chemical factory", the human bodys largest organ of detoxification. In the body material, food intake, in the liver to carry out an important chemical reactions: Some of the material to withstand chemical

    transformation of the structure, and some material has been processed in the liver, and some substances discharge by the changes in vitro. The excessive influence of alcohol, changing the operation of the liver function and even death of many liver cells. After tests proved that drinking too much time to prepare to take Cordyceps powder 5 grams (10 capsules), even if drunk on the same day, after not feeling thirsty, no sense of heartburn, will feel the next day did not drink alcohol the day before, the liver The effect is all too apparent.

    The meat should be cooked to taste, Chinese Cordyceps fill Wang fungus to absorb purification. Wang fill Chongcaojing contained in capsules after the purification of Cordyceps mycelia, to help the T cells in the liver and Monocyte - macrophage immune cells, such as strength, vitality and the ability to identify and accurately To kill disease cells, swallowed foreign bodies And excess alcohol molecules, effective control of the alcohol molecules through the liver and nerve cells contact area, combined with the number, so as to protect the liver.
    Wang Chongcaojing up by the State Ministry of Health is testing the approval of health food products tested by the chemical-induced liver injury are very good protection.
    Commitment: Cordyceps fill Wang Jing does not contain any anti-inebriation chemical medicines, so as not to damage cells and organs, so many dressed in uniforms or serve a useful sound.
    Effect: Wang Chongcaojing up after taking anti-inebriation will not only promote the immune system to protect the liver, but significantly increase the capacity for liquor, drunk after not feel thirsty, heartburn, such as headache, does not affect the work of the second day of the study, liver The effect is all too apparent.
    To ensure that: Wang fill Chongcaojing use Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County of Cordyceps mycelia produced a real form of refined, each piece 600 times that of ordinary capsule placed under the microscope to see tens of thousands of mycelium article. Mycelium in the absence of anti-inebriation or add a chemical drug, the manufacturers claim to 20,000 yuan each piece.


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